Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Not a Good Bang for the New Year!

My new year came in with an unwelcome bang. Was supposed to enjoy a romantic New Years Dinner with hubby but a bout a nasea hit me out of the blue. We were going to dinner at the country club he manages. As I now couldn't go, he had to anyway to 'show the flag.' About 30 minutes after he left I threw up violently and it gave me the WORST migraine I'd had in my life. Made it upstairs to bed (couldn't take anything for it because I'd just throw it up again) but it soon became apparent this wasn't in any way usual. I actually thought I may be having a stroke, anurysim or coming down with meningitis. Now I had to get back downstairst to the phone. I was soaked in sweat and felt like I was going to pass out. When I made it to the doorway the Princelings were there meowing at me. Then they started nudging me all over and rubbing their bodies on me. Such brave kitties! Most frightened cats would have run and hidden. My babies were encouraging me. I slid down the stairs on my butt and after a few minutes called my hubby to call me an ambulance.After several hours in ER where a cat scan and spinal tap were performed - and three bags of saline, 3 doses of morphine, and two doses of anti-nasea meds - my tests finally came back normal. Thank goodness! The diagnosis: 'Just' a really extreme migraine. Doc sent me home with a large quantity of percocet and orders for bedrest. My neuro is finally back in her office today and I'm still waiting a return call re the ER visit. My hubby is still woried out of his mind. Sinji won't leave me and Fergus is quite pissed at me for worrying him. I am feeling better. The tests coming back normal is great, but I'm still wondering what caused this!

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