Thursday, April 05, 2007

Questions Regarding Writing the Early 20th Century Novel

A few questions I've been asked on writing an early 20th century novel ~

What made you choose the settings and time periods for your Blood Moon books?
I wanted to write romantic thrillers but felt I could never write a contemporary one because I can't keep up with everyday technology let alone the advanced equipment my characters would use. Yet I didn't want to write a historical either.I've always been fascinated by WWI, the roaring '20's and WWII. It seemed my voice matched the era: not quite modern but quite historical.

2) After Perfidia, what books do you have planned? What settings can we look forward to?

I'm planning a WWI romantic thriller, a roaring '20's paranormal, a '20's mystery novella, a couple of post WWII romantic thrillers, an early '60'sparanormal, and a late '60's thriller.

3) As writers, we hear from time to time that the historical market is in a slump. You write about an era that writers are told won't sell, yet have contracted three books withDorchester. Did you consider this at all, or did you simply write what you like to read?

While I was writing Bengal I was told the time (1932) and the place (India) would never sell. I considered quitting the book but decided I needed the practice. Afterwards I considered writing a different time period. Decided I couldn't do it so I'd have to work extra hard to get published.

4) How much research to you do before writing?

Most of it. Usually something crops up while I'm writing that I must research.

5) What tricks do you use to make the time period come alive for the reader?

I pretend I'm there:-) What would I see, smell, feel, and hear. To do this takes a bit of concentration so I keep my office door closed. I need quiet and solitude. However, purrs from the Princelings are allowed:-)

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