Monday, March 26, 2007

A Purse Snatching!

No, I wasn't mugged:-)

When St. John Blue exited his cat box last night, his brother Fergus pounced him. Although this is typical behavior for them it still caught Sinji unaware - so he takes up the game and runs for the hills. In this case our green leather loveseat. While sailing over it he inadvertantly harnesses himself to my suitcase-like purse and off it goes bouncing after him. He takes the merest second to glance behind him. Good God it's a monster! A monster had attached itself to him! Now he is running for dear life, his paws scrabbling and slipping on the hardwood floor. He circles the living room. The creature refuses to budge. He circles the dining room. The beast yet clings! Oh dear lord, mama and papa have abandoned him to his fate! He-he could be eaten alive or-or mauled to death!

He sprints around the kitchen island three times before shooting up the stairs, bag thudding behind him, in a flurry of fur. He heads for the office and dashes under my desk trembling in terror. When I manage to get a hold of the slippery little man my purse handle is caught tight around his neck. After losening him I was forced to lock myself in the bathroom because I was shaking in laughter and I couldn't indulge in front of my scared little kitty. Such a trauma for the poor wee lad.

Several minutes later and more in control, I go downstairs to replace my misused purse on the loveseat and discover the reason Loren hadn't heard all the palava.

He was watching the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.
I guess the purse-monster just doesn't rate against leather face.

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