Friday, March 09, 2007

Terror and Roller Coasters

When we returned from L.A. and Anaheim last week it was complete with bugs. Me with a sinus infection and Loren with laryngitis. He says his lack of voice stems from his ride on the California Screamin’ roller coaster. If that were so I would only speak with a whisper due to the Hollywood Hotel Tower of Terror. It’s his fault. He talked me into it. We were whooshing down twenty stories at the speed of light. The ride resembles a cargo elevator. We were strapped in with only seatbelts! No shoulder harnesses or other safety measures! Up we speed to the 20th floor – and down we slam. We actually left our seats! Up and down, up and down. I missed the gorgeous view at the top, of Disneyland and California Adventure Park by night because my eyes were closed. I think had they been open I’d have lost my dinner. When we made our escape Loren nearly ran to the gift shop, exclaiming, “We gotta have photos of this!” I followed meekly. Only because my legs were to shaky run! I felt drunk without the benefit of liquor.

For this event the California Adventure Park (a part of Disneyland) was closed to the public to entertain a few thousand club managers and their spouses. Lots of food, an open bar, a great band, and a few free rides and games. As usual with Loren’s conference we stayed out late. I always got to sleep in but poor Loren had to arise every day at the crack of dawn.

When we returned home our Princelings were overjoyed to see us. Then they promptly snubbed us to let us know our absence was not appreciated. After lots of treats: fish flakes, Pounce, cuttlefish, and dried anchovies) they were appeased enough to give us welcome home loves.

Southern California was cold so it’s good to have thawed out. Kona weather is arriving this weekend then back to wonderful Trade Wind weather. Kona weather is very still and humid with vog from the volcanoes on the Big Island.

Hope everyone is seeing signs of Spring!

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