Friday, December 29, 2006


19 December 2006

I can't believe it's been nearly two years since my last journal entry! When writing a book anything I write in my blog is bound to be dull. Example: Wrote all day today. Princelings knocked research and manuscript onto the floor. It took an hour to put everything in order again.Riveting reading!As I haven't yet started book number four I thought I might catch up before burying my nose in another manuscript.I plan to start the next book in January. A supernatural thriller set in contemporary Scotland.The Princelings have grown into HUGE babies! Dynofelis Fergus McMouser, who sleeps on my head, is now 25 pounds. Smilodon St. John Blue, who keeps my feet warm at night, is about 18 pounds. He's the skinny boy. Not that Fergus is pudgy - just big and husky. Cats are never fat! They are merely robust.The rainy season has definitely arrived! Nothing but crappy weather for the last couple weeks. No baking in sun for me recently. I’m white as snow. The wind blew hard last week, too. We lost our power for a few hours. We’re still enduring high winds but, fortunately, no more losses of power.We attended three Christmas parties last week: A formal Chaine de Rotisseurs, international food and wine society function. Loren wore his tux and I wore a floor length black, chiffony, sparkling gown. Monday was Loren’s employee party. Loren went casual and I donned a black velvet skirt suit with silk roses sewn on it. The Club Managers Association held its annual Christmas party on Tuesday. Again, Loren was casual. My ensemble was ruffled tiered black skirt with a bright wrap around chiffon blouse. Went all out this year:-) Although we can’t put up a tree this year – the Princelings would destroy it three seconds flat – we do have some of our Christmas decorations down from the attic and have some of them up. I told Loren it looked like mice had been rooting about in the boxes. He said, “Yeah, twenty-five pound mice. I rousted your furry sons out of there a number of times today.” The fur-babies will eat anything! Carpet fuzz is a great delicacy in this house. I wish feeding Loren were as easy. But no, he insists on wine, meat, rice/potatoes, and veggies. I do try.After sorting through that box of Christmas decorations Loren brought down from the attic we discovered the rest must still be up there. So Loren, being the dutiful husband he is, climbed into that vast shadowy domain in search of the rest of our treasures. And what did he find? RATS!!!! Or at least evidence of the horrible creatures. Rat ka-ka everywhere! I admit to a mild – oh all right – an absolute neurotic phobia of rodents! The vile beasts ate my beautiful feathered Mardi Gras masks. We keep empty Royal Doulton and moving boxes up there. When we move I prefer to pack my pretties in their original boxes. Loren says these empties are rat fodder and proceeds to break them all down. Crash, boom, bang! The Princelings run on their bellies to hide in the downstairs tv room. I’m right behind them. Loren peeks in about a half an hour later telling us it’s safe to come out.Then he lets the bomb fall: he suggests letting the Princelings loose in the attic to hunt down the rats! No, no, and no! Maine Coons may be born mousers but these are the fur babies who sleep on my pillow! No way will they be exposed to rats! I suppose the alternatives are rat poison and rat traps. Oh lord, which is worse? Live rats or dead rats rotting in the Hawaiian heat?Loren has been extra busy at work this week. Lots of candlelight dinners for the members and Christmas parties. I must run errands in town tomorrow so I may stop by the club to view the decorations. Loren says they are fabulous. Actually, my ‘errands’ include picking up Loren’s Christmas gifts. Loren did his shopping yesterday and there are a couple of intriguing boxes on our coffee table. Wrapped in jewelers ribbons. The best kind of birthday/Christmas boxes!On this contemplative note I shall close the letter and wish everyone a Merry Christmas – with a sincere hope you never have to lay eyes on a rat. Live or otherwise.

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