Friday, December 29, 2006

Questions on Other Blogs

28 December 2006

Questions on Other BlogsI was over at LeeAnn Burke's blog earlier. She's taking advantage of the Boxing week sales and her question of the day is 'Who else is going shopping this week?'NOT ME!! As I commented on her blog, I don't drive a Hummer and don't own any armor. Hey, I got enough of aggressive shoppers a week before Christmas when I went out grocery shopping and normal errands. I don't relish going anywhere near WalMart or a mall anytime soon. I suppose that means I should pack up all our Christmas decorations and tidy my closet - which I've been putting off for some. Must have room for new Spring additions when they hit the stores:-)

The question of the day at Unusual Historicals is 'What keeps you writing?'
My comment: I'm compelled to write - whether I like or not. If I go a certain amount of time without writing I can't sleep and I get antsy. If I still didn't write I'm afraid the people in white with straight jackets would come get me . . .

A question from a fellow Romance Diva at 'Which books have made good movies?'
My answer:
WHERE EAGLES DARE by Alistair McLean (1969 movie w/ Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood)

ICE STATION ZEBRA by Alistair McLean (Movie made in the early 70s)

REBECCA by Daphne du Maurier (1940s movie)

FRENCHMAN'S CREEK by Daphne du Maurier (1953 movie)

EYE OF THE NEEDLE by Ken Follet (late 1980s movie with Donald Sutherland)

THE KEY TO REBECCA by Ken Follet (late '80s or early '90s movie)

But these are just my favs. The other Divas mentioned many other good ones.
So ~ Are you going shopping this week to take advantage of the after Christmas sales?
If you write, what keeps you writing? If you read, what kind of books do you enjoy?
What books do you think have made good movies - or would make good movies?

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