Friday, December 29, 2006

Maddness of the Season

22 December 2006
The Maddness of the SeasonWow, it's getting nearly violent out there! Went about my usual errands on Wednesday. Traffic was murder - I actually got a sunburn in the car! Parking didn't exist and drivers were getting quite rude. Unusual in Hawaii where Aloha rules. Yesterday was grocery shopping day. It took all day to go to Costco and Walmart in downtown Honolulu! I was wiped when I returned and stocked everything. I'm saving Safeway til this evening. I hope calm prevails by then:-)Are you done with your Holiday shopping?Our previously crappy weather has turned gorgeous. Beginning of winter and it's in the mid 80sF. Love it. Now to nab some pool time. Movie time, too. A few flicks I'd like to take in:The Good Shepherd, Night at the Museum, The Holiday, and The Pursuit of Happiness. Loren and I saw Blood Diamond last week. Good movie.What movies are on your list to see?The rats cavorting upstairs woke me at 4:30 this morning. Good God, they sounded big enough to be cats! With all the Holiday madness I've forgotten to pick up the sound thingy that drives them away. Must do before stopping at Safeway tonight.Are all your Holiday meals planned?

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