Friday, December 29, 2006

Presents, Boxes, and Rules

26 December 2006

Presents, Boxes, and RulesThe Princelings made out like bandits for Christmas:-) Auntie Betty gave the Princelings a tiny catnip garden. We gave the boys a (large) furry battery powered mouse and a carpet covered little roll thing. When it rolls it rattles. The sweet ones enjoyed themselves tremendously with both their gifts and the wrapping paper and boxes:-) I believe they like the wrapping paper best. Just like kids! They have just as much fun with the package the gift comes in as the gift itself. I remember one year as children my brother, Harry, and I 'had' to wait in the kids' room while mom and dad attended to business in a store. What fun! A maze of boxes! They had to bribe us with Crazy Eric's burgers to get us out of there. We insisted on having our own box maze/fort in the basement. Lots of fun. So when Cmas rolled around our parents, being adults, thought they'd give us something better than boxes: a styrofoam log house complete with glassless windows. It wasn't nearly as much fun as the boxes. Poor mom and dad likely went a bit bonkers wondering where they went wrong!On Christmas Eve day Loren and went to see THE GOOD SHEPHERD. A disappointment. Slow moving and it only gave the tiniest hints on what project they were working on. A very long flick, too. Next up is A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM. Hope we enjoy this one!As a rule I don't make New Year's resolutions but this year there are a few things I'm determined to get done. As stated on Unusual Historical blog they are:
1) I'd like to write a book faster!

2) To lick procrastination. To beat it to a pulp and send it so far into outer space it will NEVER pester me again.

3) To read more fiction. Can't write if I don't read.

4) To remember to take my vitamins:-)

5) Take a dance class. Either Hula or Salsa.

Are you making any New Year's resolutions or rules?

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